JSA Cu62 Copper Hybrid, Amplified Lap Steel Guitar Slide (2.36″ Length)

Demo of Amplified Guitar Slide

Plug this slide into an amplifier—the moment that it hits your strings, your guitar will come alive. If you have an electro acoustic and you want it to sound more like a resonator guitar through your amp, then this is the slide for you. If you want to isolate the lead work on your slide or add effects, this is the slide for you.

Copy and paste these key words into the YouTube search bar to view a demo video for this amplified slide:

“JSA Cu62, Cu64 & Cu66 Copper Hybrid Amplified Guitar Slides”

The Cu62 Copper Hybrid, Amplified Guitar Slide is meant to be an additional signal to be mixed with the sound of your amplified guitar, which means that one cord comes from the output of your guitar and a second cord comes from the output of the slide. This could be configured in a number of ways:

Two amps – one for the guitar, one for the slide.

One amp – with the guitar and slide plugged into a Y-splitter and the splitter plugged into the amp. The slide would need a clean boost or distortion/overdrive to adjust/mix the signal.

A clean boost, distortion/overdrive, reverb or any other effect could be applied to the slide signal for accent in all cases and a panning pedal could be added to easily control the relative volume of the slide and guitar, if available.

Similar to other amplified instruments, this slide will require some equalizer adjustment to obtain the proper tone for your specific musical needs.

IMPORTANT: The output of the guitar must be plugged into an amplifier in order to hear the open notes on the guitar. The slide only picks up the sound when it is in contact with the strings; once it is pulled away from the strings the open strings will not play through the slide, therefore the output of the guitar must be used to amplify the open strings.

The construction of this slide is similar to the Cu63 and Cu65 slide models, but this model is strictly for use on a lap steel or a standard guitar laying flat in the player’s lap, as it comes with a 1/4″ TS jack in one end and is sealed on the other.

This 60mm (2.36in.) guitar slide features a copper shell over polymer sleeve. The copper shell offers a look and sound comparable to brass, while the polymer sleeve adds mass and dampens harsh overtones.

The Cu62 amplified guitar slide has a generous mix of comfort, sustain, and maneuverability; and the copper finish will form a rich patina as it is polished by steel strings and then tarnished over time.

Your slide will ship out shiny and polished, but over time the finish will darken and develop an appearance somewhere between pictures one through four and picture five. The copper shell is meant to tarnish and will remain in a consistent state of change throughout its lifetime. As you play, small markings will develop along the surface of the slide, which will in turn tarnish and add depth to the emerging patina.

You will find that the more you play, the more dramatically the slide’s surface will be affected—the appearance of its finish will be directly related to your own playing style and therefore unique to you.

Each slide is handcrafted in Fenton, Missouri.

Price – $25.52 (plus shipping)

Available for purchase at Junk Shop Audio, via eBay and Etsy–please follow the links below:

eBay – https://www.ebay.com/usr/junkshopaudio*com

Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/shop/JunkShopAudio